Wednesday, November 4, 2015

happy for today

it time to say i so happy
because my dream come true
it is
hahaha nothing
impossible to say...

when some one come all ready it must be quiet and silent
so any kind to talk right now it will be silent

it better be your own life
it better be the one
it better be your self

i never take it
but it just the memory that happen last year
hope it can't be again

now i need a space for my life
it better silent and quiet
anyone didn't know where are ??
just only my self only

impossible to tell
i never talk it
just the way i say

only my family know where are,,,,,

i just close my eyes and find the way...

it silent for today
i have new way and new life

should i say..
silent ok

have a nice day

lovely princess lina...